I am a free-spirited, fun loving , dream chasing gal. I have never grown out of enjoying life's simple thrills- laughter, swings, spinning in circles, helping others, and rolling down hills to name a few. I think all the problems in this world can be cured with love, patience, and empathy. I don't like when people aren't nice to one another.  I am extremely outgoing but often quite socially awkward upon first meeting (and perhaps a few meetings after that).

Explorations and adventures fuel my soul. I always try to have something exciting on the horizon- big or small. I am so blessed with an amazing co-pilot in life who travels, dances, eats, laughs, and cries (or sometimes cries as a result of laughing) with me. My hubs and I have the most magnificently imaginative, kind, patient, and thoughtful daughter- whose photos will soon fill the pages of this website. We are blessed beyond our wildest imagination to have her in our world. I also can't make mention of my life without including my fiercely tenacious little pup, Emerson.  The four of us have a house in Denver where we like to listen to music, cook, read, pretend we can play instruments and speak foreign languages, garden, and attempt many DIY projects- some successful, others laughable. We keep life fresh and interesting.

Photos by Morgan Glocker