My Training

I studied Ayurveda under Indian Doctors in Asia, where I became an Ayurvedic Consultant. There I learned how to build a custom diet and lifestyle routine, based on each individual's unique personal needs. This training also provided an extensive knowledge base on healing with Herbs and Essential Oils. 

 I also graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I learned innovative coaching methods, lifestyle management techniques, and 100s of dietary theories. It equipped me to coach people on how to achieve a more wholesome mental, physical, and emotional life. 

s'more skills

 I received my Undergrad Degree from the University of Oregon. I am a Crystal Healer, and Reiki Practitioner.  I was able to study these Eastern healing modalities with Gurus and Masters: Yoga, Thai Traditional Medicine, Meditation, Chinese Traditional Medicine, and Fermentation.

My Journey

 I haven't always been the healthy, active person I am today.  It took a big health scare a few years back for me to begin to consider how important our bodies are to us. I was baffled by the fact that I had been living in this thing for twenty some years and was so utterly detached from it. That is when I began to pay attention to what I put in my body, how often I moved it, made sure it was well rested, and most simply but importantly noted how it actually felt. How did certain foods make me feel? Was I getting enough sleep? Were my days better when I woke up early to stretch?

The more I took care of my body, the better I felt physically. The better I felt physically, the more energy I had to give to myself spiritually and emotionally. It had taken over two decades for me to realize, but I was in control of how I felt. This amazing awakening was something I wanted to share. If I could take control of my mental, physical, and emotional health, then anyone could. 

This all magically coincided with a move to Asia. The independence and freedom here  granted me the opportunity to devote all of my time to studying Eastern Healing and Medicine  in person while simultaneously studying Integrative Nutrition and Dietary Theories through an Online Institute. 

Fast forward to the present. I have created this business to share all that I have learned with others. I want to help people take control of their lives and really experience what it means to feel good. I want to help people empower themselves. I am so fortunate to have experienced this journey and commit to myself and to you all that I will continue to learn, grow, and share all of this incredibleness. People and happiness are my two favorite things. Combine the two, and damn, we are looking at one beautiful world:)

Just Me

I am a free-spirited, fun loving , dream chasing gal. I have never grown out of enjoying life's simple thrills- laughter, swings, spinning in circles, helping others, and rolling down hills to name a few. I think all the problems in this world can be cured with love, patience, and empathy. I don't like when people aren't nice to one another.  I am extremely outgoing but also very bashful when it comes to myself and personal matters (so sharing this all with the world= eeeeeek).

Explorations and adventures fuel my soul. I always try to have something exciting on the horizon- big or small. I am so blessed with an amazing co-pilot in life who travels, dances, eats, laughs, and cries (or sometimes cries as a result of laughing) with me.  I can't make mention of my life without including my fiercely tenacious little pup, Emerson.  The three of us have a house in Denver where we like to listen to music, cook, read, pretend we can play instruments and speak foreign languages, garden, and attempt many DIY projects- some successful, others laughable. We keep life fresh and interesting.