I'm Coming Out

Hello World! I hope you’re ready for me again. I am coming back at ya soon with something a little different. Mamahood is freaking incredible but hasn’t left me with the time to get back into my wellness business quite yet. I type this as a toddler is singing and tapping right next to me and a husband is reading aloud from his phone- so forgive the chaotic lack of cohesion. While mama hood has left me without the time to keep up with Wellness Coaching, it has helped me to appreciate the art of photography all the more. I have come to just adore snapping photos of my crew and having photos taken of us. Any other moms out there know the woes of an exhausting morning- not because your babe is up crying all night, but rather because you stayed up too late looking through old photos. Guilty here! Moms out there also know that you have a million photos of your kiddos, some screen shotted memes, husbands, hairstyles, and pets but not so many of yourselves with your family. And even less of your showered self with your family. So here I am. My goal is to turn my current hobby into a career over the next year. I want to provide families with the option of affordable photographs that they can cherish for a lifetime. My plan is to make myself available to photograph birthday gatherings, your favorite holidays, candid moments, and even some full on cheesy posed snapshots.

Temporary Early Retirement

Hey boys and gals!

Happy 2017 to you! As some of you may or may not know, I went and got myself pregnant just a couple months after the launch of this business. So here I am about two months away from giving birth to a wonderful little human, and I have decided to take a break. I have completely stepped away from social media and am still slowly transitioning away from working with clients. I am still happy to help anyone who might need a little guidance with diet and lifestyle choices, but in a much less frequent capacity. I hope your year is a beautiful one!

xo Colleen

You Are What You Beet

I was feeling inspired by this morning's Instagram post and wanted to indulge in a sunshiney lunch. Some of you may know that beets come in all sorts of beautiful colors. Today's salad highlights the beautiful golden (or yellow) beet.



Yellow (golden) Beets




Dressing (equal parts Mustard, Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey)

This is another recipe that you can alter according to your individual taste and the number of people you are feeding (hence no measurements included). It is the perfect salad to bring to a summer BBQ due to the cooling nature of its ingredients.  

Why is it good for you?

Arugula is a flavorful green that is part of the brassicaceas family. It is a great source of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. This combination of nutrients helps to regulate and control blood pressure. It is high in iron and copper, making it a great alternative to spinach. Arugula is is also a fantastic source of folate which promotes cardiovascular health. 

Yellow beets are powerful energy boosters. They are also great options for when you are craving sweets.  They are high in anti-oxidants, fiber, potassium , folic acid, vitamin a, and vitamin c.  Beets promote heart health, help clean the kidneys, fight anemia and fatigue, and are great for eyes and skin.

Cucumbers are perfect for summer. They keep you hydrated and help fight the heat.  Cucumbers have many antioxidants, including vitamin c and beta-cerotene. They are anti-inflamatory .  The vitamin b in cucumbers aids in stress reduction.  Cucumber's potassium lowers blood pressure levels.

Avocados are delightfully delicious and high in those good fats we hear about so often.  Due to their fat content they can aid in absorption of nutrients from other fat soluble plant foods.  They are abundant in vitamin k, folate, vitamin c, and potassium.  Avocados can reduce blood pressure and reduce inflammation.

Bon Appebeet!

xo Colleen

The Power of Yellow- Color Therapy

Maybe you have noticed that certain colors seem to make you feel a certain way. Perhaps red has triggered energy or aggression in you. Maybe you have experienced feeling at peace after viewing the color green. This is not uncommon. Colors have the power to change, alter, or trigger feelings inside of us. The colors we wear may reflect our current emotional state or they may indicate a subconscious yearning for a shift in attitude. 

For those of you interested in Chakras, yellow relates to our Solar Plexus Chakra. This is located at the center of the abdomen, below the ribs. The organs in this Chakra are the liver, stomach, small intestine, and spleen.  The gland here is the pancreas.  The color yellow can help aid certain maladies associated with the organs that exist in the Solar Plexus Chakra. Some examples of these are digestion, IBS, colitis, anxiety, stress, low-self esteem, and depression.  This Chakra is also related to how we feel about ourselves and how we cope with how others perceive us. 

Yellow can alter our moods in positive ways. The color is associated with fun, humor, intellect, focus, logic, creativity, optimism, confidence, and personal power. It is illuminating and helps us to absorb knowledge. 

Some popular yellow crystals are citrine, yellow tourmaline, and yellow garnet.  Yellow flowers can be found a plenty. Some examples are sunflowers, yellow tulips, chrysanthemums, daffodils, yellow peonies, and black-eyed susans. 

Using colors for therapy doesn't have to be complicated. You can surround yourself by the color with the healing powers you desire. You can wear clothes or jewelry of that color. You can place a yellow stone in your pocket or even on your  Solar Plexus. Get creative with the power of color therapy. 

Wishing you a happy and healthful day!

Xo Colleen

Tuna Salad Recipe & Benefits

This tuna salad is the perfect lunch for hot summer days. It contains the following:


Red Grapes

Red Onion



Olive Oil


Every time I make this treat it ends up a little different but equally delicious. I recommend playing with the ingredients and combining them in a way that best suits your tastebuds. You can eat the salad plain, stuff it in peppers, put it on crackers, or stuff it in an avocado- totally up to you. Now let's look at the health benefits.

Tuna is high in both omega 3's and protein. So often we hear these words but aren't sure why they are beneficial for us. Protein helps to build and repair tissues.  It makes the enzymes, hormones and other necessary chemicals in our bodies.  Protein aids in building bones, muscles, skin, and blood. 

The importance of Omega 3's is widely known, but what on Earth do they actually do? They reduce triglycerides, slow the build up of plaque in our arteries, lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of an irregular heartbeat, decrease inflammation, lubricate joints, and boost HDL.  They have been credited with things like boosting fertility, fighting wrinkles, pumping the heart, and fighting depression. 

Jalapeños are low in calories and high in vitamin c.  They act as an anti-inflammatory and can help to lower blood pressure. They are said to fight arthritis, headaches, and high blood-pressure. 

Onions are full of vitamin C, sulphuric compound, flavonoids, and phytochemicals.  They act as anti-oxidants, natural blood-thinners, and anti-inflammatory agents.  There is some speculation that they even may help prevent certain types of cancer.

Red Grapes are full of crazy powerful antioxidants. The resveratrol found in their skins is said to inhibit the spread of cancer. Their fiber and potassium support heart health. They aid in digestive issues like constipation.

Apples are rich in dietary fiber, flavonoids, and antioxidants. They are said to help lower the risk of coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease.  Their soluble fibers can aid in lowering cholesterol levels.  The quercetin in an apple makes oxygen more readily available to the lungs.

Now that you know the "why" and "how" get yourself to the kitchen and make your tastebuds and body both healthy and happy.

Xo Colleen

Dirty Dozen & Clean 15

Let's be real, sometimes organic is simply just too expensive. I am not going to sit here and tell you to buy all-organic food or you will turn in to some bizarre mutant. If eating organic all the time is within your means, then that is fantastic.  Unfortunately, that is not a reality for everyone. I say that if you are eating any kind of produce you are a wildly brilliant being who deeply cares for their body and for that you get a HELL YES! 

I want to share a little visual here to help you determine which things you should buy organic.  The "Dirty Dozen" are those you should strive to buy organic. They are said to have more pesticides and just general yuck on them.  The "Clean Fifteen" are generally not as soaked in chemicals. Feel free to bookmark this page and use it as a handy little guide the next time you hit the grocery store. 

Health & Happiness 

Become A Health Coach

A year and a half ago I couldn't have imagined I would be embarking on a new career path that I absolutely loved. I get to work from home, make my own rules, create brand new products and programs, and collaborate with other amazingly talented business women in the health and wellness industry. The best part of it all is that at the end of the day my job is to help people feel better. If that isn't a badass contribution to the world, then I don't know what is.

If you feel like this type of career path may enhance your life, I would love to talk to you about it. I seriously cannot say enough about the place where it all began for me- Institute for Integrative Nutrition. This program changed my entire existence. I want to offer a free curriculum to those of you who may be interested in checking it out. Holler at me with any questions, thoughts, etc. If you know me, you should know that I am totally incapable of backing something I don't believe in. These words right here are REAL and from the heart! 

Wishing you all health & happiness!



Welcome Home

Hello there, beautiful human!

First off, thank you!! I am so excited, thankful, and humbled that you are even reading this right now. 

There isn't much content at the moment, but that is about to change very soon.  Beginning in June I have committed to posting weekly.  To give you an idea of what's in-store for the future, here is a list of upcoming posts:

  • How to Store Veggies
  • How to Press Tofu
  • DIY Exfoliants
  • Delicious Recipes
  • Eco-friendly Products I love
  • Benefits & How-to's of Fermenting
  • Why I Prefer Not to Eat Meat
  • Dirty Dozen, Clean 15
  • Stress-relieving Techniques
  • How we Should Eat our Food
  • Healing Herbs and Oils
  • Ayurvedic Practices
  • Surprise Guest Bloggers (let me know if you want to be one)

I hope you will check back in as content begins to be released. I promise it'll be fun and informative, healthful and helpful:)  

Sending love your way!



The Balancing Act

Hey, Good Looking!  There are so many topics swirling and buzzing around in my head that I just MUST put onto digital paper, but this one is screaming the loudest. 

What is wellness? What is health? 

There are so many people out there who just assume that if you are skinny, you are healthy or that once they get skinny, they will be healthy. This is so not, not, not true. I can tell you that I have been skinny most of my life but that did not always equate to healthy. I can also tell you that you can restrict your diet by eliminating food (ahem rumored model diet of cola, coffee, and cigarettes) and that this will result in weight loss. Do you think those people are “healthy”? Hell to the no! So, lets dispel that mistruth right now. Skinny does not mean healthy!

There are then people who obsess over supplements, green juices, and workouts. They spend their days working long hours, avoiding specific foods, and hitting the gym.  Their social life is non-existent. Do you think these people are “healthy”? I don’t.

So what makes someone healthy and well in my opinion? My answer is a balanced life. Healthy doesn’t mean never indulging. You want a fricken slice of cheesecake? Have two! All of your friends are going to a happening new brewery? Join them and buy a round! Don’t resist these pleasures. Learn how to balance them with other things- greens, exercise, and water to name a few:) Health is not just about what we eat and put in our bodies. Health is all-encompassing.  

This Circle is a solid place to start when measuring whether you are Healthy and Well. I focus on it largely in my Coaching. I want to see where you start off, where you could use some help, and what amazing progress you’ve made in all of these areas.  I use it quite often in my own life as well. In my case, it fluctuates quite often.  

I encourage you to take a look at each of these areas and see where you lie. I am happy to guide you along the way, if you feel like you may need someone (aside from yourself) to hold you accountable. I can offer meal planning, recipes, workouts, spiritual guidance, and a whole lot more. 

We are so much more than what we eat (although that is important as well).

Hope this was a helpful and healthful read!

Xoxo Colleen

Guest Blog: Quitting Alcohol


When I finally decided to become sober, it wasn't originally a decision based on taking my health and fitness to the next level. I had made a challenge with my father to try and get him to quit carbonated drinks. He didn't think I had it in me to quit alcohol; I didn't think he had it in him to quit his most desired carbonated poison. Surprisingly we were both successful after a 90 day period of detoxing our bodies.  After our trial, he decided to take a more balanced approach on his intake of carbonated drinks; I decided to quit booze for good. The amount I had physically & mentally changed had been astonishing!  Physically I felt more lean, wrinkles had diminished , skin was brighter and youthful , my workouts were dramatically improving and I stopped getting sick. It's been a year sober and I yet haven't had the flu or any sort of illness since. Mentally, my mind is more focused and most importantly I'm a lot happier. I rarely have mood swings and I'm more motivated to accomplish my goals each and every day.  Who doesn't want to be happy and feeling sexy at the same time?!  Not to mention all the extra money you save. I've traded night life for life experiences. Whether it's traveling or saving up for a home, it's money I'm putting to good use.  

The most inspiring yet ironic thing for me was moving back to LA and noticing a lot of down to earth sexy as hell people were sober. I've noticed their success and maintaining such a healthy life style without losing their outgoing personalities . Who couldn't get inspired?!? I mean, really!?

Since then, I've been sober now for a little over a year , I can definitely admit I never wanna go back to " social drinking " or anything along those lines. My body and mind have responded in a way I never expected it to. I'm hooked on having a normal sleep schedule, positive attitude , strong immune system , getting asked out by 25 yr olds on a daily , saving money , starting a modeling career in my 30's and most importantly.. NEVER having to deal with money thirsty doctors in LA.
Life couldn't be better.....

Gema is 31 yr old female living in Los Angeles. She loves free weights, traveling and spending time with her friends and family. 

Gema is 31 yr old female living in Los Angeles. She loves free weights, traveling and spending time with her friends and family.