The Balancing Act

Hey, Good Looking!  There are so many topics swirling and buzzing around in my head that I just MUST put onto digital paper, but this one is screaming the loudest. 

What is wellness? What is health? 

There are so many people out there who just assume that if you are skinny, you are healthy or that once they get skinny, they will be healthy. This is so not, not, not true. I can tell you that I have been skinny most of my life but that did not always equate to healthy. I can also tell you that you can restrict your diet by eliminating food (ahem rumored model diet of cola, coffee, and cigarettes) and that this will result in weight loss. Do you think those people are “healthy”? Hell to the no! So, lets dispel that mistruth right now. Skinny does not mean healthy!

There are then people who obsess over supplements, green juices, and workouts. They spend their days working long hours, avoiding specific foods, and hitting the gym.  Their social life is non-existent. Do you think these people are “healthy”? I don’t.

So what makes someone healthy and well in my opinion? My answer is a balanced life. Healthy doesn’t mean never indulging. You want a fricken slice of cheesecake? Have two! All of your friends are going to a happening new brewery? Join them and buy a round! Don’t resist these pleasures. Learn how to balance them with other things- greens, exercise, and water to name a few:) Health is not just about what we eat and put in our bodies. Health is all-encompassing.  

This Circle is a solid place to start when measuring whether you are Healthy and Well. I focus on it largely in my Coaching. I want to see where you start off, where you could use some help, and what amazing progress you’ve made in all of these areas.  I use it quite often in my own life as well. In my case, it fluctuates quite often.  

I encourage you to take a look at each of these areas and see where you lie. I am happy to guide you along the way, if you feel like you may need someone (aside from yourself) to hold you accountable. I can offer meal planning, recipes, workouts, spiritual guidance, and a whole lot more. 

We are so much more than what we eat (although that is important as well).

Hope this was a helpful and healthful read!

Xoxo Colleen