If you are like me, then sometimes you just don't treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated. Do you know how you deserve to be treated? Like you are the most GD amazingly beautiful creature in all of the Universe.  We will change all that and get you the self-love you deserve.  With this convenient, vegan, gluten-free, real food cleanse we can make some small yet life-altering changes. That doesn't mean I will force you to be hangry, irritable, and counting down the seconds until your next meal.  That means I am going to:

  • Provide you with 19 thoughtfully created healthy recipes,  
  • Suggest nutrient dense snacks for those who prefer to pad the time between meals,
  • Set you up with a grocery list, so planning is easy-peasy,
  • Equip you with the power to create your own healthy and affordable meals,,
  • Share with you the latest information on holistic  lifestyle practices,
  • Help you prioritize yourself: body, mind, and spirit,
  • Offer support through email,
  • Explain why it is important to take care of your WHOLE self. 




Banana Smoothie

Packed with bananas, cinnamon, oats, nut milk, and dates- this drink is a great way to jumpstart your day! 


Qunioa Avocado Salad

This Quinoa salad is not only beautiful, but has the perfect mix of flavors and nutrients.