one on one coaching

My coaching programs are designed to help you recognize the importance of taking care of yourself and the tremendous benefits that come when you have a healthy mind, body, and soul. We will talk about how to prioritize yourself and your happiness. We will create a customized diet and lifestyle plan specifically based on your individual needs. Here is a bit more about what we will do together:

  • We will share stories,  laughter, maybe some happy tears, maybe some sad tears
  • Figure out what foods suit your individual body type,
  • Find Balance. Don't eliminate things you love (i.e., wine and cake),
  • Work on healing from the inside out, using a holistic approach,
  • Promote positivity and strength within,
  • Strengthen external bonds, 
  • Set and accomplish goals,
  • Organize easy and manageable meal options based on your personal needs,
  • Implement a level of physical activity that is fun and feels good,
  • Re-learn to love yourself and your body,
  • Create long term habits,
  • Develop a stress management plan,
  • Identify with the fact that you truly are a special, wonderful, amazing person,

Ready to take control of your Health and Happiness? I offer a Free Initial Consultation to new clients and would just LOVE for you to be one of them! The consultation, as with all coaching, can very easily be done from the comfort of your own home via telephone. From there we can discuss which package and price would best suit your needs. Individual Sessions begin at $99 with discounted package rates. Looking forward to getting to know you and helping you to rock the best you yet!